Clay cream

MI FIDO CLAY CREAM is a green clay-based cream having lenitive and moisturizing properties. It gives relief to the animal in case of redness, itch and/or skin irritations and contemporaneously it moisturizes the skin itself.


The extracts of Violet, Chamomile and Marigold have a lenitive effect on the animal's skin while the green clay has a protective action. The vegetal oils of Olive and Sweet Almond have an emolient effect making the skin softer and moisturized.


Instructions for use:

Spread a layer of MI FIDO CLAY CREAM over the area to be treated and massage, preferably using circular clockwise movement1 until the cream has been completely absorbed into the skin.


Even small circular movements, if carried out correctly, help to improve and regulate the circulation of liquid in our tissues. A clockwise movement is recommended for those living in the northern hemisphere and anti-clockwise movement for those living in the southern hemisphere. It can be demonstrated that waters circulate in a clockwise direction in the northern hemisphere and in an anti-clockwise direction in the southern hemisphere.



50 ml aluminium tube with carton box