For the wellness of pets and of their masters

Mi Fido product's quality is given by certified organic ingredients and raw materials choosen by their properties, treated in order to improve their natural effectiveness.

The virtues of green sundried clay

  • absorbs impurities and dirt particles;
  • absorbs static electricity and free radicals;
  • cleans the hair and contributes to the elimination of skin’s parasites;
  • it exercises a beneficial and lenitive action on the skin;
  • it favours the hygiene of possible cuts or wounds;
  • it strengthens skin defences;
  • gives strength and volume to the hair;
  • refreshes and protects the skin.

A smooth foam, completely vegetable

  • only natural foamings agents, by-products of sugar and coconut;
  • it exercises an efficacious cleaning action;
  • it has got a creamy effect on the pet’s skin and your hands:
  • does not pollute the environment.

The benefic action of pure vegetal organic Olive oil, sweet Almonds, Sunflowers

  • produces a soothing effect on the skin;
  • protects and helps to restore in short time the lipid coat;
  • makes the hair soft and silky.

The natural fragrances of pure organic essential oils of Lavander, Orange, Lemon

  • perfume the hair in a very delicate and pleasant way;
  • are not toxic or noxious;
  • exercise a protective action on the hair

Organic/Demeter Officinal herbs

  • adjust the hair's sebaceous equilibrium;
  • make the coat naturally soft and shiny.






A quality, security and ethicality