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Argital Enterprise has been funded in 1976, with the aim of producing and promoting products based on clay and the properties of clay itself.


Argital has collected data on green clay coming from the tradition, and it has deepened this topic, extending the research also towards other natural active principles: officinal herbs, oils, wax, essential oils, natural vitamins.


This research allowed the formulation of almost 100 products for beauty, hygiene and body’s care.

Dr. Giuseppe Ferraro, biologist, member and founder of SOFAI (Society of italian antroprosophic pharmacists), scholar and researcher, has written books on the therapeutical properties of clay.


Argital’s products contain:

- green sundried ventilated clay;

- officinal herbs marked Demeter*;

- vegetable oils;

- essential oils;

- honey,  propolis, wax;

- emulsifying and foaming agent of vegetable origin;

- pure spring water;


Argital’s products DO NOT contain:

- preservatives;

- ingredients of animal origins (with the exception for Propolis, honey and bee's wax which do not involve any sacrifice of the animal);

- colourings;

- synthetic parfumes;


Thanks to the high quality standards and production methodology, Argital has obtained for many of its products, the most important international trademarks, such as Demeter for international quality specifically for biodinamic cultivation; ICEA for biological quality and BDIH for natural products.


Argital's products are not tested on animals. For this reason, and for the ethic coherence, the respect for animals and nature, that Argital has always shown and defended, the company has obtained the LAV certification - Anti Vivisection League. (quello in grassetto è da modificare)


Argital products are present in the best herborist's shops, pharmacies and natural health stores all over Italy.

The main countries selling Argital in the world are: Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Ukraine, Taiwan, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia.




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