Mi Fido Amici Davvero

Not everybody knows that dog’s skin compared to  the human one , absorbs five times more all substances it gets in touch with.
That is why, every time we take care about our dog we have an extra responsabilty about his health.


MI FIDO is a line of organic cosmetic products specifically addressed to the care of dog's hair and skin.


Products based on green clay, without preservatives, colorings and synthetic perfumes. Effective and respectful of pets, people and the environment.

Respect that begins already in the product’s  sperimentation fase, approved by LAV (Lega Anti Vivisezione “Leage anti vivisection”), and that continues in the envrinoment with natural and biodegradable ingredients that have very  low environmental impact.


The line Mi Fido includes:

- shampoo for short hair

- shampoo for long hair

- hygienizing shampoo

- natural conditioner

- spray toothpaste mouthwash

- Clay cream

- Refreshing water


The line Mi Fido is ditributed by Telca in Italy.






A guarantee of quality, safety and

Patch test ICEA LAV